Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Taro Taro

"Can we have some TARO with that?"

Taro Taro has sparked an asian frenzy all over perth, I first heard of this place from my work colleague who loves the food. So being the curious foodie that I am, I decided to try it out with bf and C.

Taro Taro sells Taiwanese desserts and is popular in Taiwan. If I had to describe Taiwanese dessert, I’d say it is a bunch of asian stuff in a bowl. Nothing fancy, nothing pretty, just tasty and refreshing.

On arrival, the place was packed with people...asians...I looked around and felt like I was in asia..Taiwan in particular. We were lucky enough to score a table and abused C's coupon ordering the taro taro signature herbal jelly soup, the famous fried chicken, braised pork rice and lychee and green tea ice drink. For the taro taro signature dessert, you can design your own and select different toppings, you can also choose to have it warm or cold and staff will ask for % sugar preference.

Our taro fiesta ^^

The Taro Taro signature herbal jelly soup comes in quite a large bowl so I'd recommend sharing and trying out other dishes. Though not pretty, it is refreshingly delicious. I really liked the sago, better than Utopia sago, it was soft and gooey but not too gooey. I also enjoyed the soybean pudding and grass jelly, there was something fresh about the ingredients, grass jelly was very soft and jelly-like, different to those in grass jelly can drinks. As for the taro, I don’t remember =-= hahah.. bf absolutely loves taro...actually...maybe I didn’t actually have any taro coz HE ATE IT ALL :O

Taro Taro signature warm herbal jelly soup

The fried chicken was yum! Basically chicken rolled in MSG..ALOT of MSG, how can you go wrong right? Braised pork rice was rather average, but it’s cheap and fills you up. So if you’re looking for a cheap lunch go for it. As for the drinks..the name says it all, tastes like lychee flavour with ice/ green tea flavour with ice.

Taiwanese fried chicken and pork braised rice

After a decent first impression, I've returned twice, but it was disappointing. Due to the high demand, they ran out of TARO! :O bf was particulary devastated as he was the one longing for taro..me..not too fussed haha..but despite not having taro, the joint was still packed with asians. We had to replace the taro with another topping choice, the second visit I chose the lotus seeds and the third occasion I opted for the lychee balls.

Lotus seeds was well..lotus seeds, I don't know how to explain the taste but mum makes it at home so it wasn’t anything special, I just chose it coz I knew it was good for you. Lychee balls was very interesting! When you bite into the balls it squirts out lychee liquid. I was so fascinated with how they’d inject the liquid into the balls. It’s like those fish oil capsules except more pleasant to eat.

Taro-less herbal jelly soup with lychee balls

I also tried the Oolong tea milk float. My friend who tried this in Taiwan absolutely loved it, but in this case she was disappointed. I decided to try it myself and yeh..I didn’t find it that great, pretty much just Oolong tea. I wasn't sure if I was meant to mix the milk into the tea or increased my 25% sugar to 50% as it was rather tasteless and the milk float tastes like nothing, just a slight flavour of milk.

Oolong milk tea float

Overall, I think taro taro is overrated, but I still think everyone should try this place out. Though I know people have been disappointed especially my Taiwanese friends, I don't find it bad at all, it's a good change from the usual ice cream chocolate dessert and I reckon it's a healthier dessert option too. I hope taro taro will be ordering a GAZILLION more taros from now on after their taro crisis, otherwise..I expect a name change.

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