Friday, 26 August 2011

Nine Fine Food

"Fine food, Fine atmosphere, Fine prices = FINE dining"

I have so many places queued up to be blogged but NINE FINE FOOD just skipped the queue, I just couldn't hold it in, I had to tell all of Perth NOW!

Nine fine food is a hidden dime tucked away in the outskirts of northbridge. It was brought to my attention through my friends raving about it on their facebook statuses and albums and also by asking around, I realise the word has gone out and everyone I've asked absolutely LOVES IT! I've never really been a big fan of Japanese cuisine but I do love my japanese fusion and since my bf's birthday was around the corner I took it as a perfect opportunity to take him out to Nine fine food so I can finally try this place out...I pamper him for his birthday of course *hert hert*.

Being the awesome gf that I am, I decided to surprise him by inviting all his close friends, I made a reservation for 10 people and was told numbers more than 8 can only choose from the set menu. That was fine as I heard the set menu is a good deal.

THE DAY finally arrived, I was so excited to try the place out...oh..and to surprise my bf *hert hert* anyways, yes he was very surprised, birthday aside. FOOD was O M GOdelicious!! not to mention the prices too! The set menu is a choice of the 3 course TOKUTOKU  ($52) or a 4 course OSUSUME ($62), which was exactly what I wanted. Pretty much half of us chose the 4 course and half chose 3 course, me being one of them. With each course they offered a couple of choices, different dishes to cater for everyone with different tastes.

Warm feeling ambiance..perfect for dates
Cute little lamps
Touch of japan

The lovely waiter asked if we wanted the second course served at the same time as the first for those who chose the 4 course meal in order to keep both courses in sync and we agreed to do so. My choice for the first course was the lamb and scallop and I have to say this is one of the best lamb I've tasted. It was so tender and it didn't have that wierd smell I find with lamb. It was so mouthwatering tender and had a sweet savoury taste to it. The only thing I'd change for this dish is for it to be BIGGER, ALOT BIGGER, like..never ending supply big...okok getting carried away here haha..

Lamb and Scallop

My bf had the sashimi and beef tataki for his first and second course and it was all good reviews from there, it was fresh and beautifully presented. I tried the beef tataki and it was surprisingly tender and had a refreshing taste to it, the beef just melted in my mouth despite it being rather raw and so I was expecting a chewy kind of texture. My other friends had the goose mousse and the crispy spicy seafood and they too really enjoyed their meals.

Beef Tataki
Goose Mousse
Crispy Spicy Seafood

My second course was the duck violet. I know after blogging about Red cabbage I swore to never order duck again as I've always been disappointed expecting a peking duck or something, but nope..I broke that promise and I ordered DUCK again. This time I really enjoyed it! the combination of sweet sauce and savoury flavours worked together and I'm such a fan of those kind of dishes. The duck meat just fell off the bone and it was a joy to eat. The only thing I would change for the dish is maybe a more crispier skin to the duck, but then again it's probably just me unconsciously wanting it to taste like peking duck or roast duck =-=.

Duck Violet

My eel loving friend had the Unagi eel which I disliked! I just don't like the fishy taste that comes with eel but my eel loving friend really loved it! she claimed it was a waste to give me a little piece as I didn't appreciate eel like she did haha. So to all those eel loving peeps, I'd say order this. The bf had the tenderloin steak and I tried abit of it, it was good steak, not chewy and very tender, lots of flavour though I'm not a fan of shitake mushrooms hence I didn't order it.

Unagi Eel

Tenderloin Steak

Finally for dessert majority chose the the green tea creme brulee (mattcha brulee) and tiramisu. I had the creme brulee and thought it was very simple and delicious, it had a very subtle creamy green tea flavour. I really liked the tiramisu though, one of the classiest looking tiramisu I've seen. One of my friends decided to deviate from everyone and chose the black sesame gelato (kuro goma gelato). Everyone took a spoon out of it and they enjoyed it, to me the name says it all, tasted like black sesame ice cream.

Mattcha Brulee
Tira Misu
Kuro Goma Gelato

Overall, I absolutely loved this place! I'm definetly coming back and perhaps trying the degustation out ($99) I heard it is very different from the set menu which is good, I'd like to see what other talents the chefs have up their sleeves. I would rate nine fine food to be one of the best finds this year, I highly recommend.

Tip 1: There is discounts if you have the entertainment card
Tip 2: It is definetly more worth having the set course rather than ordering from the A la carte menu. (see menu below)


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