Monday, 6 August 2012

Kai Japanese

“Get your slurp on!”

One of my favourite ramen hot spots is Kai in bullcreek Parry avenue. I’ve been here twice and it’s usually quite busy. A very small joint so be prepared to wait for a table. I think if you live down south, crave for ramen and don’t want to travel a distance, Kai is the way to go, otherwise I would still prefer Nao.

Chairs for the awaiting customers


I’ve tried the karaage chicken tonkotsu ramen and the chasu miso ramen. Ramen comes in a big bowl of miso goodness, very hearty and the noodles cooked perfectly. I’m not sure if the noodles are house made but it still tastes good. I’ve also tried the takoyaki which is delicious, you can see the octopus in the balls so that's always a good sign.

Out of the two ramen dishes I enjoyed the karaage tonkotsu ramen most, karaage chicken was perfectly seasoned and the egg perfectly cooked with the gooey yolk centre. Each order also comes with pickles and soya sauce side dishes.

Karaage chicken tonkotsu ramen

Chasu ramen

Since I always have the Chasu ramen in Nao, I can't help but compare and realise the chasu in Kai is a little bit tougher not being the melt-in-your-mouth texture like Nao. The difference is not a big deal, still delicious!
The one thing that separates Kai to Nao is the green tea, when they say green tea they’re not kidding, it’s green assss! And they come in a plunger with green tea leaves and roasted rice kernels. I’ve never seen green tea so green. It's the green tea real deal yo!

This is real green tea!

To summarise it all, definitely a place to go for good ol japanese ramen! popular, delicious and great price. Will come back to try the other dishes.

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  1. Ate sashimi there a few days ago. Been bed ridden since with gastroenteritis. I think the scallop was off. Loved the prawn tempura sushi, but will not be going back. After 3 days of stomach pain, I am only now able to walk. A bit annoyed they should be taking more care when serving raw food. Actually, this is my 4th day in bed. Stomach pains are back.

    1. Hi Jay,
      Sorry to hear about your terrible experience I hope you're feeling better. I've only tried their ramen and takoyaki as I'm not the biggest fan of sashimi. There is always a risk taking raw food espetcially in these ridiculously hot weather but you're right it shouldn't have happened to you or anyone.