Saturday, 11 August 2012

Little Stove

"The grass is greener down south of the river"

When I hear about brunch places in southern suburban areas, I always welcome myself with arms wide open into their doors XD because for one it saves me travelling to the city or Vic park and going through the hassles of finding parking and two..not alot of people know about them and so there's a greater chance of getting a table instantly.

Usually cafes in the suburbs lack character but Little Stove is different, it had a quirky vintage feel, alot of character that screams COME CHILL! as the first thing you see are the old grandpa sofas and a vintage television (I knew these would come in handy one day). It was a perfect place for a girly catch up with M and with the spacious interiors, there was no holding back on the gossip :P. 

Vintage interiors

Unfortunately we missed the breakfast times so had to order from the lunch menu. I was a little bummed as the lunch menu didn't have alot to choose from, most being salads and baguettes and though they seemed like good salads, I DIDN'T COME OUT FOR A SALAD >_<'' The menu was cute though, being printed on paper that would take anyone back to their high school days, lets just say..I really studied the menu.

Cute menu

The drinks menu on the other hand was quite extensive from all kinds of coffee and chocolate drinks to freshly squeezed juices, teas and milkshakes. For the juices you are able to mix and match, M was going to have watermelon with pear and apple, but in the end they didn't have watermelon so she just had apple juice which she ended up loving. I opted for the Chai latte and it was perfect! the milk was all so creamy and perfect amount of sweetness and chai.

Chai latte
After eliminating all the salads and usual baguettes in the menu, we chose the chorizo linguine and lamb burger to share. Out of the two, I enjoyed the lamb burger most despite it being difficult and messy to eat. The tasty lamb patty oozing melted brie cheese with the sweet relish was a perfect match.  I also loved the chips, super crunchy and well seasoned. As for the linguine, I found it rather average, but M enjoyed it as it was light on the palate.

Chorizo linguine - with neapolitan sauce, parmesan + rocket $22
Lamb burger with crispy chips

Lamb burger - relish, brie, balsamic onion, cucumber, greens, fries $18

I will definitely come back to little stove and this time coming for breakfast which begins 7am to 12noon. Service was excellent and our waitress looks just like rachel from glee! :O she is so cute and cheery :)

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