Sunday, 26 August 2012

Little Caesers

"Best pizzas"

I remember back in the good ol days when people would organise mini road trips to Mundaring just to try out the award winning pizzas in Little Caesars. I was one of them, gathering a large group of friends and just ordering everything off the menu to make the most of our journey. Till this day Little Caesars have saved everyone the road trip and expanded to Perth city, it has now opened a couple of branches one in Leederville and the other in Hillarys boat harbour.

In addition to the Mundaring branch, I've also dined in both Leederville and Hillarys and still have never gotten sick of their pizzas. What makes their pizzas different from the usual Eagle boys, Pizza hut and Dominos is the gourmet pizzas they offer and simply the unique and creative pizzas on the menu such as pisagne (a lasagne on a pizza). They also have delicious dessert pizzas which isn't limited to just pizza with chocolate and ice cream, it consists of pizzas like baked upside lemon cheese cake, pecan pie, green tea pizza and french cinnamon tea cake.

Little Caesars is generous with their toppings on their pizzas and are baked on thin bases allowing our stomachs to sample more pizzas from their extensive menu. Don't hold back on the ordering as pizzas are presented in tiers so table space for pizzas won't be a problem, otherwise just sacrifice a guest ^^.

My favourite savoury pizzas would be:

Greek Lamb:  Corrigin Free Range lamb, mozzarella, semi-caramelized onion, fetta, Kalamata olives, rosemary, tzatziki $16.50

 Pork Star: Free Range Linley \/alley pork mince, caramelized onions sweet potato, crushed fennel seeds $22

Smashing Pumpkins roasted pumpkin, cashews, mozzarella, parmesan, cream sauce  $21

Pisagne in the middle tier
Bottom tier: Greek Lamb

As for desserts, it would be the award winning pecan pie and upside down cheese cake:

Baked Upside Down Lemon Cheese Cake:  creamy cheesecake mix, crushed biscuits, icing sugar, strawberry sauce $16.50

NewYork Pecan Pie: butterscotch pudding, pecans, icing sugar, golden syrup, pecan to ee  $16.50

I've tried the green tea pizza but wasn't really a big fan of it. it was rather dry and pretty much a green tea cake. Ironically it is the best dessert pizza photo I have.

Green tea dessert - Hillarys
Top tier: Mudhoney pizza, second tier: Apple strudel, bottom tier: upside down lemon cheesecake - Mundaring 2008

If I'm craving gourmet pizzas, little Caesars will be the first place on my mind. Get there early as they don't make reservations and due to it's popularity it's usually packed and there are limited seating. The newest branch in Hillarys can accomodate more than the one in Leederville and has beautiful views of the boat harbour, it is also the only one out of the three branches that opens for lunch service, unfortunately it is quite a drive for those that don't live up north, but surely having pizza for lunch would be enough of an incentive to drive up.

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