Monday, 6 August 2012

Nao Ramen

"Ramen NAO please"

Picture taken from Sunday Times
To me..ramen is very simple and it's not hard to have a good ramen, it's just a classier name for maggie mee. So I believe a good ramen place has to stand out and not just be noodles in a broth. "Nao" definitely is different from the rest. It has been voted one of the best ramen places in Perth..why is that? because they make their own noodles of three different flavours: chilli, egg and spinach and with that you have a choice of four different broths: miso, shio, spicy and shoyu.

Like many popular joints, Nao is usually packed with customers so I won't suggest going in big groups unless you want to wait for ever. It is situated along Murray st, if you walk towards Royal Perth Hospital from CBD, it's on your right. Keep your eyes peeled as it's not exactly screaming "you're here NAO" hehe..look for a black sign with the name and a coil fish.

I've dined in Nao 5 times and I seem to always order the chasu (roast pork) ramen with miso soup and spinach noodles. The chasu is good soft fatty goodness ^^ and the noodles taste home made not like those you'd find in a maggie mee packet. My friend is a chilli lover and always orders the chilli noodles and sprinkling more chilli flakes. I've tasted the chilli noodles and it isn't spicy, this is coming from someone who can't really eat spicy food so it's all clear to those who are chilli intolerant. 

To accompany the ramen I've always order takoyaki, it's beautifully presented with fish scale shavings, seaweed and a drizzle of japanese mayo. YUM!

Chilli chasu ramen and spinach chasu ramen with miso soup base.
There will be more visits in the future for me and I've decided to try the corn butter flavoured ramen in my next visit, it will be hard to part the chasu but I've heard good things about the corn butter. I also would like to try the other broths.

So if you're ever craving know where to go NAO, I've tasted the rice dishes and they were pretty standard. So it's RAMEN all the way NAO! Hert hert..*pls excuse the lame NAO jokes* =-=

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