Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Toastface Grillah

"Escape to the simple way of life"

I would have never stumbled upon this little gem had I not browsed through the "talk of the town" section in Urbanspoon. I'm a simple person who loves simple things like toasties, If I could, I'd have a toastie everyday with loads of oozy cheese, but life's unfair, one has to keep a balance and one has to eat vegies,  fruits and blah blah.. 

Toastface Grillah is nestled in Grand lane, an alleyway off barrack st, pretty much opposite takas and before Wellington street. There are no signs directing patrons to the joint, so I pretty much followed google maps. The BF and I went together and as soon as I located the supposed alleyway that we were meant to turn into, the BF asked for my hand and we walked in hand in hand, thats how dodgy the alleyway seemed. As we walked further down the pee smelling graffitti alleyway, I spotted the Toastface Grillah sign graffitted on a wall, behind the wall there it was, a tiny cafe with a cute hipster vibe. J was very impressed with what we found in such an alleyway. I loved the recycled items, such as the tyre planter, toaster pot plant, cracker tin pot plant and the fact that they made the most of a hole in the wall with a cute toy, every where I turn there's something creative to admire.

Toaster pot plant

I love tAUSt face

J was happy to have a seat and just soak in the vibe, but I just wanted to order, so I dragged him into the cafe and I ordered the toastie with bacon, onion, cheese and pear. J had the turkey, brie and cranberry toastie. I also ordered the strawberry and lemon juice, J had the orange juice. Altogether the bill came down to $26, Yes, a little bit pricey for toasties and juice, especially since it's easily made at home, but I've already been jaded by Perth prices so MEH.

Toasties :)

Both of us LOVED our toasties, I already knew we would enjoy it, you can't go wrong with toasties really. The bread was golden brown and buttery crunchy. It tasted like they used garlic butter, but don't quote me on that. Unfortunately, I couldn't quite taste the pear in my toastie, but it still tasted delicious. J loved his turkey, brie and cranberry toastie more than mines, he actually found mines abit salty compared to his, which I agreed after having one of his as a comparision. 

Strawberry and lemon juice $5; Orange juice $5

My strawberry and lemon juice tasted more like lemon juice, couldn't really taste the strawberry. Nonetheless, refreshingly enjoyable but would have been spot on if there were more strawberries. J loves his orange juice so there ain't no complaining happening there.

Just being a creepy paparazzi

A simple cafe, offering simple food with a very simple way of life attitude, it just makes you forgive everything about it, the dusty window seal is totally forgiven as it adds character, the very old kitchen also adds character, the lady passed our drinks through the bars of the window since we were sitting just outside her kitchen, totally cool! they could probably get away without dusting the place because it just all adds to the vibe. It's good to have a place where people can really just calm the F*#&! down and chill. I'll definetly be back, I'm already craving for a toastie.

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