Sunday, 26 August 2012

Ciao Italia

"Creamy creamy fettuccine!"

I cannot remember how many times I've dined here and how many times I've waited outside for a table amongst the large crowd and just salivating from the thought of my favourite fettuccine dish. Ciao Italia is my favourite Italian place in Perth and is well known for its delicious authentic Italian cuisine. The dining experience may not be the most comfortable setting on a busy night, but despite being cramped together in a small table and eating in such a loud atmosphere, people still flock in because their food is worth it and hey..coming together is very Italian if I'm not wrong.

Ciao Italia seems to be a favourite to many and its success is evident from the expansion of the restaurant to double its size in order to accommodate the numerous hungry diners, despite their efforts, there seems to be a correlation between square metres and number of customers, as the number of customers also increased with size, they just can't win in this situation and many customers are still left waiting for quite some time. This is the down side of dining here, they don't do reservations so it is a gamble to get a seating but it ain't a gamble for the food.

To maximise business, the restaurant is crammed with small tables covered with red and white checkered table cloths screaming ITALY. The staff are also Italian and seem to thrive in such atmosphere, they always have a prompt and upbeat attitude and are also happy to take photos for you sometimes even offering, I guess they know the Asian ritual of taking photos of food and each other with food. Not only that, if they know it's your birthday, there will be a moment when the music changes from Italian music to a birthday song and the staff will sing in a cheerful manner. Birthday celebrations seem to be popular here as I've always seen at least one in the times I've dined here.

I have tasted many dishes from their extensive menu and have enjoyed all their dishes but there is always a favourite and that would be the FAMOUS CIAO ITALIA FETTUCCINE. You can't come here and not order the fettuccine. It is what makes this place my favourite. The fettuccine is unbelievably creamy and it's just SO TASTY, I reckon the preparation for this dish involves slathering cream sauce over the fettuccine followed by a cream reduction, more sauce, then cream reduction and repeat, you get my point, it is deliciously CREAMY. Other usual dishes include the wood fired pizzas and spaghetti Marinara which has a generous serving of seafood and is also a popular dish amongst my friends and I. I'd definitely recommend sharing everything, save yourself the creamy overload from the fettuccine and sharing is caring after all. I heard the desserts are also a hit especially the tirumisu, unfortunately I've always been too full to fit in dessert :O my second stomach has always failed me in Ciao Italia.

Cramming everything in our small table

Ciao Italia fettucine..MY FAVOURITE!

If anyone asks for a good Italian place, it will definitely be Ciao Italia. I'd recommend coming early to beat the crowd. They also don't open for lunch, another delay for all the Italian cravings and hence the accumulation of customers suffering from Ciao Italia fettuccine withdrawal symptoms.

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