Sunday, 26 August 2012

John Street Cafe


John st cafe is the perfect pit stop for breakfast after walking the dog along the beach OR for brunch and getting updates of all the shameful things you did last night then burying your head in the sands of Cottesloe beach. But get my point, this place is a great place for breakfast/brunch and to just embrace the Australian way of life.

This little cafe is nestled between homes on John st in Cottesloe, it is too far into John st to see any beach but location wise it has probably added value to the homes nearby. This popular blue building has the theme of the beach on the walls and tables and everyone seems to know about it. I guess this could bring the property value down due to the constant people traffic. Anyways.. enough of the real estate nonsense lets talk food!

The girlfriends and I went on a busy Sunday morning, we all woke up early to beat the crowd, well only one of us did and the rest eventually got there. The menu consists of the standard breakfast items, nothing unique, prices are the usual price you'd find in Perth brunches ie. not very cheap. We all knew about the home made hashbrowns so we had to have one. I ordered the big breakfast which included the hash brown and a chai latte, the others had eggs benedict with an added hashbrown, scrambled eggs on toast and mushroom with an added hashbrown and finally a smoked salmon benedict with..and I will say it one more added hashbrown XD.

My big breakfast was BIG! Everything on the plate was perfectly done, it's hard to go wrong with the big breakfast, scrambled eggs well scrambled, sausages well sausaged, tomatoes well toasted, but the winner would be the hash browns crunchy on the outside and soft mustard and herb seasoned potato in the centre. Anything homemade is win for me!

Big Breakfast

If there's Chai latte on the menu, I always get it and this case was no different. My chai latte was perfectly made, I just kept raving about, it just had so much body to it with the thick creamy milk even after thoroughly mixing it.

Chai latte

V had the eggs benedict and she loved the hollandaise sauce, this is coming from someone who has tasted alot of hollandaise sauces in her lifetime. E had the mushrooms and scrambled eggs on toast she loved the mushrooms, she also ordered a fruit smoothie which was packed full of fruit.

Smoked salmon eggs benedict + hashbrown

Eggs benedict + hashbrown

Scrambled eggs on toast and mushroom + hashbrown

Overall, I enjoyed my breakfast, best hashbrowns so far. Each component of our dishes were cooked well, it's a good place for the standard breakfast menu and will keep the bellies full till well over lunch time therefore, more time to work on that tan.

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