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The Silverspoon [CLOSED]

"Sex on a Silverspoon"

I've been to Silverspoon TWICE and I am a big fan of this place. The first time I tried this restaurant (Nov 2010), I was so satisfied I kept raving on about it to my friends for WEEKS and it got to the point that they just wanted to shove a spoon in my mouth to shut me up. Blame the PORK BELLY! the life changing pork belly dish that have raised the bars for all pork bellies. Not only was the main SUPERB..the entree and desserts were JUST as AWESOME!! accompanied by friendly staff and classy environment it's definitely on my list of favourite restaurants.


 Lovely table settings with of course..a BIG silver spoon mounted on the Wall

Complimentary soup on the house - Leek soup. Delicious!
I think we were just lucky to have dined on that particular night as we were served a complimentary soup on the house before our order arrived..Delicious leek soup. Perfect warm up for our taste buds for whats to come.

Entree platter

We ordered the entree platter to share which I don't quite remember what was on it but it was a combination of unique flavours and textures..I remember the jelly which surprised me..all eaten with bread and crackers. Definitely worth the order.

The Main: Slow cooked pork belly, confit duck & Fremantle scallops, celeriac, pineapple, radish & masterstock

Brace yourselves because I shall now begin my worshipping of this pork belly dish which my friend and I loved so much we even researched the name and engraved it in our minds~ The generous portion of pork belly was presented with a crispy well seasoned skin which was a perfect opening for the tender meat of the slow cooked pork that just melted after every mouthful..GAh~ im just salivating writing about this dish. As for the scallop placed on a bed of confit duck... it was perfectly cooked and that too melting in our mouths in combination with the sweet diced pineapple pieces and the savoury taste of the tender duck pieces was a match made in HEAVEN~! The dish was accompanied with a light creamy smear of sauce and celeriac and radish just to give it some freshness and a crunch to the dish. IT was perfect! we just could not stop talking about it and savouring every bite..every moment..everything!

My friend ordered the fish dish which he also thought was was probably not as mind blowing as our pork belly as he didn't rave on about it as much as we did *might be a guys thing* but it certainly looked very unique and delicious.


Majority of us ordered the strawberry dessert which I don't quite remember the name but it was 3 different preparations of strawberry desserts... very refreshing and a perfect way to end our dining experience.

The Silverspoon menu is constantly changing every 8-12 weeks so the pork belly is no longer on the menu =-=...BUT I did go back the second time hoping to be WOWed again.


This time there was no complimentary soup so I guess we were just lucky the first time. We ordered the scallop and crab salad as an entree which was delicious but was TINY! I wanted more >_<! I guess it would be a good size as an individual dish as we did share two entrees amongst the three of us.

Just another photo to show how small it was
Crab salad
The crab salad was definitely not what we expected it to was even BETTER..deliciously moussey crab meat with crunchy balls which i don't remember what it was *sorry* but i do remember it was YUM and fresh! and i also remember wanting more :(

Then came the main...
Main: Duck cooked in three different ways
I guess it was unfair for me to expect the same experience I had with the pork belly as this is a totally different I had a feeling of disappointment..but if I think of it now..this dish wasn't too bad..maybe the breast was abit dry? although the textures were different between each piece I thought the flavour was quite monotonous but other than that..lovely presentation and the sweetness from the grapes went well with the duck meat. .

Main: fish
My friend ordered the fish dish I don't think she was WOWed by it..but I think the duck dish won over this one.



Dessert: Cheese cake

This time I ordered a different dessert after seeing the same strawberry dessert being offered. I had the first dessert as shown above *sorry don't remember the name* I thought it was abit too icey when it should be creamy when I cut into it but it had a strong passionfruit flavour to it which I liked. The cheesecake was nice with fresh fruits at the side but rather original..I think the strawberry dessert takes first place as it was not only delicious but also quite an adventure to eat.

- Loud and noisy: background noise of people talking was rather loud during the times I've dined here probably not the place if you're looking for a quiet, romantic, proposal potential destination.

- Second time dining here the food took a LONG time to come we even contemplated on whether we should order dessert.

Despite the negatives and not being able to have the same experience as the first time I went..I would still recommend Silverspoon as a MUST TRY destination in Perth. I would happily go back the third time.

Those who would like to try Silverspoon I suggest you look at their website for discount deals

The Silver Spoon Food & Wine
Address: 691 Albany Highway, Victoria Park 6100
Tel: 08 9361 4220

Opening Hours – Restaurant
Lunch – Tuesday to Friday from 12.00 pm till 3.00 pm
Dinner – Tuesday to Saturday, from 6.00 pm till late
Now open on sundays and degustation menu available

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