Tuesday, 3 May 2011


"Get your CRUMP on!"

I was looking for a good place to brunch with my lovely gfs. C suggested a place called CRUMPET, so after reading many good reviews and the fact that they have HOME MADE CRUMPETS..I was already out the door!...*well...not realli...it was late at night at the time* but you get my point...anything with the word "HOME MADE" in front of any kind of food is WIN WIN for me ^^!

So the following day, C, F and I dragged ourselves out of bed in the wee early hours on a sunday *erhmm 10am* and headed to the heart of Vic park. We were worried that it would be packed as it is a small brunch cafe (breakfast all day!) and only opens from 8am to 2pm on a sunday. When we arrived it was actually quite empty, so we were seated quite comfortably by the friendly staff.

Before even reading the menu we knew we were going to order CRUMPETS! we ordered both the sweet and savoury and dyyaaaamnnn they were SCRUMPTIOUS! Though we all came to the agreement that the sweet crumpets were better than the savoury ones.

Warm sweet HOME MADE crumpets...slathered with maple syrup and butter

Savoury crumpets...think maple syrup makes the biggest difference

We also ordered our own breakfast dishes which we all probably should've shared as our bellies were absolutely knackered in the end.

French Toast

F had the french toast and this looked alot better than it tasted...for one it definetly wasn't what we'd expected a french toast to look but I applaud them for their creativity...taste wise...it was dry and the flavour was very monotonous.

Corn bread with avocado and chilli lime salsa

As for this dish...it was also the same story as the french toast...because it was such big portions with really thick bread, C got realli bored of the flavour and the fact that they gave a "microscoop" of chilli lime salsa realli didn't do it justice.

Eggs Benedict

My dish took abit longer to arrive and I was waiting with anticipation. In the end, I was left with no feelings for the dish. I've come to the realisation that perhaps eggs benedict is not my thing after always ordering this dish in cafes and feeling rather "MEH" in the end. I guess I ordered it because it was just a breakfasty thing to do. Anyways I'm sure you guys didn't read this post to hear about my self realisations, so back to the eggs benedict, this dish was HUGE and I struggled to finish it, I reckon the hollandaise sauce was rather tasteless..not sure if it's meant to have any taste at all but it had a nice creamy texture to it. I'm probably not the best person to judge eggs benedict, but I think eggs benedict lovers would enjoy this quite easily.

Overall..I reckon crumpet is worth visiting...for the..CRUMPETS haha...I think perhaps we just ordered the wrong dishes..I've seen people order bacon and eggs and seem very satisfied with it..I've also read good reviews about the omelette so I wouldn't mind going back to try that.

Tuesday to Friday: 7.30am – 3pm
Saturday and Sunday: 8am – 2pm
Mondays: closed

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