Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Shiraz Persian Restaurant

"Unique experience indeedy~"

So my honkie buddy Ian was back in town and what better place to take him out to a dinner where you can chug down a meal and have eye candy on the side...literally on the side~~ XD

I've always wanted to try out middle eastern cuisine and after numerous failures to get reservations to "The Prophet" I decided to try SHIRAZ~ and I have to say..I don't regret coming here ^^

luving the cute cup and teapot

This restaurant have not been open for long and upon arrival I realise it's a very family friendly restaurant..well I swear majority of the people in the restaurant are related except for the obvious two asian tables one being ours. Interiors were quite nice..better than I expected..table settings were nice with shiraz signed table clothes and an interesting table decor. Staff was very friendly and abit cheeky and the waitress and chefs (females) are soo beautiful ;) ANYWAYS.. Shortly after ordering the music suddenly became louder and it wasn't really my type of music so I thought "oh dear I dont' think i can eat in peace with this music" next minute a belly dancer appeared and that just made it ALL OK FOR ME HAHA! and being asian...we all took our cameras and snapped away..whilst all the middle eastern pplz in the restaurant had blank faces like they were sooooo used to seeing this =-=.

Then our entrees arrive...

The entree section didn't seem very exciting except for the LAMB TONGUE...which van ordered..wat was she thinking?!? haha...I stayed on the safe side and ordered the eggplant dip with woodfired bread and EJ ordered some kind of soup I don't remember the name.

Lambs Tongue

Van was actually afraid to try this...I don't think she finished it haha andI dont think she enjoyed it either. I guess it's a case of mind over matter.

Egg plant dip with wood fired bread

The eggplant dip was quite nice...it wasn't pricey at all so for it's price i think it made a good entree. Very simple.


I did not like this soup but EJ and the rest didn't mind it...I found it too herbally for my liking...probably could only take two spoons of this and i'm done.

...back to the belly dancer

Alot of shakey shakey in the chesty chesty

When the mains arrived..most of them came out looking the same...it was confusing figuring out which one is which...thank god the waiters remembered everyone's order. Our table was packed with dishes it was quite stressful and intimidating and the loud music and belly dancer in the background really wasn't helping...but after awhile I managed to adapt to the atmosphere. I don't quite remember which dish is which and what they were called but they all tasted very similar just different cutting O_o. I ordered the Shiraz special which was pretty much like a tasting platter of all the items on the menu. I liked the chicken and the minced lamb (long strip of meat) they were tender and marinated well. With this meal you have a choice of having a side of bread or saffron rice...i think the bread was a better choice..Fred ordered the saffron rice and they were very generous with the rice...WHITE rice may I add and probably a sprinkle of saffron on the top haha...he realli struggled to eat all the rice.

Shiraz special

Whilst we were trying to chug down our ever so large meals...the music gradually became louder again and from then...we knew exactly what to expect :P........ the belly dancer appeared again! *ohh surprise surprise* this time..with a different outfit ;)

With a CANE ;)

Spinning the cane

The dancer tried to get the audience to participate with her...even targetting Ian, Fern, Van and myself.....we did not bUDGE....except for van...XD...a couple of men joined her later in the night and it was quite amusing to watch ^^

With all the dancing happening I started to work up an appetite for DESSERT!...actually nah I lied...I ALWAYS HAVE SPACE FOR DESSERT! :P I've read comments about the PERSIAN ice cream which is a mix of vanilla ice cream with rose water, saffron and pistachios...I was so excited to try it!

Persian ice cream
and the verdict?...

I LOVE IT! this ice cream was delicious~! I'd come back to this restaurant and just order this haha...overall...the experience was definetly unique and I think everyone should visit a middle eastern restaurant with belly dancers at least once in their lifetime...not sure if this is the restaurant to go to if you're looking for a really good feed though...I'd say the food was average..it was meat overload~ and very simple..the price of the meals weren't too bad and with the added entertainment, it's more worth it...stear clear if u're looking for a peaceful romantic dinner though.

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  1. We also shared a Shrimp cooked in sizzling garlic oil that made for perfect dipping with the bread in the bread basket that they served in Perth Restaurants