Friday, 27 May 2011

Seoul BBQ Cafe

"Tasty, cheap, fast korean food"

I've eaten in Seoul BBQ cafe numerous times from back in the days when I was a poor student and STILL dining here today..when I'm..well...still poor but not AS poor haha! Not only is it wallet friendly but it's also delicious and quick which is why I keep coming back. Perfect pit stop when doing a massive shopping spree in the city and when that extra cash on food could go to another nice top XD

Seoul BBQ Cafe is located on top of forrest chase next to Crazy Clarks and the Australian Immigration centre. It's not fancy..more like a take away chain with seatings spread all around the little store. Prices of meals avg $9.50 and with each meal includes the standard side dishes of beansprouts, salad and miso soup.

I always order the Crispy's like korean KFC! sooo good! and generous serving of chicken with a dipping sauce which I love! makes the biggest difference. I've also tasted the marinated beef which is also good stuff!

The last time I visited Seoul BBQ cafe, I ordered..*surprise surprise* Crispy chicken hahah! but this time sharing two dishes with another friend for variation. We ordered spicy squid and that was delicious! tenderly cooked squids with a nice dollop of fresh chilli..It was soo tasty..BUT sooo hot!! we were eating the dish with red faces and sweats running down our faces hahah.ok maybe exaggerating abit there but it was HOT STUFF! good enough that all that pain is worth it.

Sharing dishes with me buddy

Crispy Chicken

Chilli Squid

The bf ordered the Bimbimbap which I have tasted the last times I've visited. Tasty marinated meat of your choice with rice, egg, kimchi, beansprouts and bimbimbap sauce. To eat mix it all up like crazy eat it like a pig ^^ Very filling and taste like the bimbimbap you'd get from higher ended korean restaurants.. I mean you can't really stuff up a bimbimbap...I guess it all comes down to the marination of the meat and this place has good marination.


I would recommend this place to those who are looking for a very casual quick tasty korean meal and I'd suggest sharing meals with friends as it can be quite repetitive eating the same dish with rice over and over again. It can get very busy and there's only limited seatings so you'd be lucky to get a seat on the weekends. The burgers seem rather appetising..I might try that one day...or...just order the CRISPY CHICKEN again haha.

Seoul BBQ Cafe
(08) 9221 1862
Shop 2/166 Murray Street

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