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Pink Zulu [CLOSED]

"Africa with Style"

I love trying different cuisines and African cuisine came to mind..I consulted my food bible that is Urbanspoon and found Pink Zulu..

I dined in Pink Zulu with my friends Feb 2011 and my first impression of the place was the same impression I had with the website..WOW! beautiful classy interiors of pink and black it just looked like the perfect place to chill with a nice cocktail. We were greeted by a friendly waitress and was very eager to be seated she took  us further into the restaurant which was actually quite minute she led us outside to a patio which i have to admit..I was abit disappointed that we didn't get to sit inside as they were all reserved..I guess first tip for this place is..make EARLY reservations so you can get the seatings inside. was not all a lost...the outside was decorated with African masks on the wall and other assorted African decors which gave guests a feeling of Africa..just not as classy compared to the inside.

The menu had an introduction to Pink Zulu which just sent chills of excitement down my spine..I could just break into an African hakuna matata dance!

Now let me guide you through my African experience ^^


We ordered three entrees to share amongst us
1. Zambezi - Crispy prawn and crocodile croquettes pink prickly ash and caper dressing $22
2.Twice cooked Pork Belly baby beetroot and citrus segments $22
3. Squid (sorry don't quite remember the name)

Left: Zambezi, Right: Pork belly

Both the Zambezi and Pork belly was DELICIOUS! I've never tasted crocodile before and I'm not very daring with my food so I was abit reluctant to try crocodile but after seeing the dish it looks very appetising. Nothing to be afraid of..tender and tastes like prawn, though the fact that it had prawns might have played a major role in that.

The pork belly was the favourite amongst my was very juicy and tender and melted in our mouths..perfectly cooked, lovely presentation and full of flavour. The citrus segments really gave it a fresh kick to it.

Salt pepper squid with deep fried baby fish *please excuse my amatuer captioning*

As for the squid, you can never go wrong with salt and pepper squid..I guess that was why we ordered this dish..though I do regret it as I wished we chose a more "African-like" dish. I guess the African twist to this dish was having hummus at the side which did go well with the squid.


Grilled Boerewors Sausage mash potatoe, roasted plantain banana, red cabbage and monkey gland sauce $28

The Grilled Boerewors Sausage and mash potato was my order and my friend kept telling me that I've basically ordered bangers and mash =-= when i think about it..yes i did ordered bangers and mash..BUT with an african twist haha. I thought the presentation was very interesting and the sausage had spices that did give it a twist. Monkey gland sauce *wierd name* was sweet, overall I quite liked this dish.

My friends ordered the following dishes which i did try abit of but don't quite recall the flavours. I think out of the three I fancied the Beef Potjie *what a cute name POTJIE!* meaning POT ^^ It was very filling and my friend struggled to finish it. I can safely say everyone was content with their delcious mains.

Beef Bobotie Potjie, with apple, apricot & delicate egg topping, with buttery cous cous 31

Mauritian seafood curry, medley of seafood baked in a lightly spiced coconut and tomato ragu, chutney pomme damour (fresh tomato salsa), yellow rice pilaf with toasted pine nuts & currants 33

Don't quite remember the name of this dish SORRY >_<


I loveeee desserts! EVEN more when there's a twist of flavours..I ordered the Pink surprise and boy was it a was delicious! I especially loved the African spiced ice cream. The fondant itself was abit dry and there was nothing oozing out of it like a fondant should do..i'm not sure if it was meant to be like that but the white chocolate poured over the fondant did make up for it.  Though it would have been better if it was oozing.

Pink Surprise
Rich chocolate fondant infused with molten raspberry white chocolate served with African sweet spice ice-cream 16

Drunken Elephant
Amarula fruit liqueur crème brulee, pink cigar & crystallized orange 16

My friend had the creme bruelee and said it was one of the best creme brulees he has eaten and that coming from my friend who is very familiar with his creme brulees is a BIG compliment. I tried it and I too thought it was delicious..not eggy at all and had a smooth texture to it just what a perfect creme brulee should be. The crystallize orange was the cherry on the was crispy and sweet! It is the crystallize orange that really made this creme brulee stand out from the rest.

Zulu Rose
Almond & date filo coil, rose water syrup, toasted almond & vanilla bean ice cream 16

When the Zulu Rose came out..we were all WOWed by its presentation and I must say it really put a smile on my friend's face *big deal*..he was like a kid loving every moment of it and didn't want to share! >_<! he finished it all so I guess it was good stuff.

I had a wonderful experience dining in Pink Zulu and I would definetly come back but this time sitting in the inside and perhaps trying the cocktails/mocktails which I've read good reviews on. Definetly check out the website to see the lovely interiors and I'm sure you'll see yourself sitting in those comfy pink, black striped seats.

Pink Zulu
(08) 9384 7688

6 Napoleon Street
Cottesloe, 6011

Opening hours
Tuesday to Thursday - Dinner till late
Friday to Sunday - Lunch and Dinner till late

Closed: Monday

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