Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Secret garden cafe

"OOooo secret!!....*** ohhh...that's it?! bleh"

Being the nosey gossip queens that we are..M and I decided to find out what's so good/secret about this SECRET GARDEN CAFE...I've done my research before going to this cafe and there seems to be mix reviews about this place..alot of people were raving about the garden and some were raving about the wonderful breakfast menu they have and their famous moussaka.

The sHhh...*secret* garden

On arrival, it realli seemed like the secret has gone out of town..around the world and back to perth! it was packed! and the staff seemed flat out. We placed our order at the counter and walked into the HUGE garden at the back and found a seat right next to the entrance just to save the staff from running around the garden looking for our number...yeh~ we're nice like that. :p

I ordered the hot chocolate and the much talked about moussaka...there was nothing special about the hot chocolate..it was creamy on the top ^^ but chocolate wise..nothing to rave about...just the standard hot chocolates you'd find in many places that don't specialise in chocolates. I will blog about the best hot chocs I've tasted later :p...now that I think about it..I dont' know why I keep ordering hot chocolates in non-chocolate-specialising places =-=

Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate aside..the moussaka was delicious but I wouldn't say it was ABSOLUTELY MIND BLOWING delicious as described  by many..coz..honestly..moussaka can only go so far...not mind blowing far haha. It was pretty much a lasagne but a vegetable base? maybe I'm just not appreciative of moussakas haha...but I have to say the CHIPS WERE AWESOME! very crunchy! freshly made ^^ M would definetly agree with me on that one. I felt that the mashed potato and the carrots weren't really necessary for the dish..the moussaka itself was already so filling, I didn't even finish it >_<............perhaps I invested too much on the chips?


M ordered the bacon and eggs (scrambled) and the verdict wasn't any better than my dish. In fact her scrambled eggs were over cooked..they were rubbery looking not the creamy texture a perfect scrambled egg should be. Overall it looked like a meal for TWO....or for a very big FELLA ^^...or maybe we are just very small people =-=.

Scrambled egg and bacon + toast

I don't know if it's just me but the garnishing is a fail.

In conclusion...our experience wasn't the best and lets just say I wouldn't be running back anytime soon...I guess the atmosphere was relaxing...actually...it was rather loud when we were there with so many people...so no..it wasn't very relaxing but it has potential to be relaxing?!? HAha..I did have an awesome time with M though...... sharing many many SECRETS ^^ how ironic =-=.

The Secret Garden
4 Angelo Street
South Perth WA 6151
(08) 9367 5597

7:30am - 4:30pm
Saturday - Sunday
7:30am - 5:00pm

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