Tuesday, 31 May 2011

iku sushi

"Coz that's how they roll"

I've walked past Iku sushi everyday on the way to work but have never tried it as it just looked like an average Japanese sushi joint....UNTIL my workmate brought in a piece of their famous CHEESE BURGER SUSHI she bought the day before for me to try..it was delicious! despite being almost a day old and with the cheese dip!! that just made it so much more special.

I went to Iku sushi eager to try the Cheese burger sushi at its best...freshly prepared! I like the little creative touches to the place. They have such cute mottos like "that's how we roll" and "get ready to be NINJA'd" and the joint has cute tables settings and a little ramen corner.

Cute table decors

How cute is this! should've tucked it in my shirt to look like a tie

I ordered the 4 pack chicken cheese burger sushi $5.50 to share with my friends. The sushi came out in a cute little box with much to say. The warm cheese burger sushi was lightly battered on the outside with a cube of molten cheese surrounding by chicken meat. First bite was a CRUnch followed by a long string of cheeeseey goodness...it was delicious! and it went perfectly with the spicy mayonnaise.

Chicken cheese burger sushi with spicy mayonnaise
The box with much to say

Yep~ you heard the box..tidy up after yourself

I think everyone should try this specialty...but iku sushi isn't just all about the cheese burger sushi..they also allow you to make your own sushi which makes it unique out of all the other Japanese joints.

Tip 1: There is 30% off the refrigerated merchandise during iku's hungry hour ^^
Weekday: After 5:30pm
Weekend: After 4:00pm

Tip 2: 4 cheese burger sushis is probably enough for one person. It can get abit too oily.

Tip 3: Best way to get to iku sushi from train station...exit city train station to wellington street up the escalator turn left and iku sushi is at the corner next to nando's.

Opening hours:
MON - THURS: 7:30am to 7pm
FRI: 7:30am to 9pm
SAT: 11am to 5:30pm
SUN: 11am to 5:30pm

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