Saturday, 11 June 2011

Missy Moos Burger Bar

"Missy Moo - RE!"

Ever since my work colleague introduced me to a blue cheese beef burger..I've been on a quest to find the BEST blue cheese beef burger in Perth! I tasted one in Soho burgers in Fremantle and I loved it! I stumbled upon Missy Moos whilst browsing the net and realise they have blue cheese burger too! So my two friends and I went to visit this place for dinner.

Missy Moos is only a small joint...a small joint with GREAT IDEAS! It's definitely a child friendly place with numerous kids drawings displayed around the counter and old school board games mounted on the wall. The menu also has a cute kiddy touch to it with burgers named after nursery rhymes.  On top of that..we were given a toy as an indication of our number...we had the telephone! really brought back good ol memories.

Displaying artistic kids drawings

Board games mounted on the wall

Table number..TELEPHONE!

I ordered "the cow jumped over the moon" which consisted of premium WA lean beef pattie, blue cheese, crispy prosciutto, baby spinach, aioli and margaret river tomato relish...verdict...I LOVED IT! I've tried many blue cheese beef burgers out there and this is on the top of my list for both taste and price wise. I was able to pick it up and and gobble it up with my ever so tiny jaws which is a big PLUS for me...I dislike having gourmet burgers that are just too big for my jaws and eating a burger with a knife and fork just isn't the same. There was the right amount of blue cheese masked with the beef patty *essential as I actually don't like blue cheese...just like the little twist to my to all blue cheese gotta try this* the sweet tomato relish makes a difference between a good blue cheese burger and a failed one as it gave the burger a punch of sweetness... it was DELICIOUS! I was very satisfied. The chips were big and crunchy too! I was happy JANE

The cow jumped over the moon
My chilli loving friend ordered the "polly put the kettle on" (premium WA beef pattie, hot chilli jam, tomato, aioli, margaret river chilli tomato relish) he too also enjoyed his burger and my other friend had the "higgiety piggiety" chicken burger consisting of WA free range chicken tenderloins, pear, parmesan, baby spinach, aioli and balsamic salad. It was interesting as it had pear in it and she did love that aspect the only down side was it tasted a little too vinegary for her liking from the balsamic salad.

Polly put the kettle on

Higgiety Piggiety
Overall Missy Moos is on top of my favourite burger joints...not only do they use the finest produce of WA to make delicious burgers, the service was fast, burgers are of good price and the quirky venue made it a very interesting experience for me, I am definitely coming back to satisfy my blue cheese burger cravings in the future.

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Opening hours
Mon & Tue CLOSED
Wed & Thurs 5-9pm
Fri, Sat & Sun 12-9pm

08 9433 3322


  1. Flipside also do quite a nice blue-cheese burger if you haven't tried them yet, I'd be interested to hear how it compares.

  2. Yes I've also heard about that place will def try it out~ thank you! ^^