Sunday, 12 June 2011

Alfred's Kitchen

"Seriously Matt Preston?!"

I am on a burger quest to find my favourite burger joint. After reading many burger reviews I read that Matt Preston from Masterchef voted Alfred's Kitchen to be the best in Perth..and that really sent bells ringing for me..I HAD TO TRY THIS PLACE! My first attempt was a fail as my friends and I planned to go during normal dinner service hours only to be told by my friend that the line was SOOOOo long so we had to raincheck. Luckily I was running late so didn't end up travelling all the way up to Guildford *WOOP WOOP* to find that out * perks of being late *. The second attempt we went 5pm early! when we got there we just beat the dinner rush.

First impressions was WOW this is a very small canteen like joint. I've read many blogs commenting on how small and canteen-like the joint is but I was still disappointed...there was hardly anywhere to sit..just two benches placed along side a fire tables. Definitely a take away place.

So we ordered the much raved about pea  & ham soup and naturally ordering the Alfred's special thinking it be their specialty.

I tasted the Pea soup served in a foam cup and I really don't understand what was so good about it. It was very average and my friends all thought that too..we were rather disappointed...I guess after reading all the raves about the pea soup we had high expectations for it. The pea soup was rather brown looking with chunks of ham in it. Pea soup can only go so would just taste like PEA I guess. *no pun intended*

Our burgers came and O M G...a cloud of disappointed just rained  upon me again...the Alfred's Special was just a toasted sandwich with a buncha things in between the bread slices =-=. It seriously just tasted like toasted sandwich with egg, bacon, sauce, lettuce. It was good, but nothing special..nothing unique...very simple. We thought maybe we just ordered the wrong thing as we missed the part on the menu when it said "with sandwich bread"

Alfred Special

Layers packed
My friends ordered the normal looking burger and we turned to them for appraisals of the place but in the end..they too thought it was very average. To top it there was no tables or chairs for us to sit and it was cold and rainy..we ended up squishing in the car and eating our burgers there..NOT FUN.

In conclusion, I don't think I'd drive all the way up here from down south again to be served very average wasn't bad..but it wasn't OMG awesome too..I guess when I go to burger joints I expect something unique..something that I wouldn't easily make at home. On the upside prices range under $10 for mains and the joint opens till quite late so it would be a perfect supper destination..well...for those living around Guildford.

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Opening Hours:
Sunday – Thursday (5:00pm – 1:00am)
Friday – Saturday (5:00pm – 3:00am)

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