Friday, 17 January 2014

SUN BBQ Restaurant


This has got to be my new favourite Korean BBQ restaurant. I am so blessed to have lovely friends who 'live to eat' to have been introduced to this restaurant. SUN BBQ is located in the corner of William St and Newcastle St, despite being a regular commuter in Northbridge, I have never really noticed the joint, I don't think I've seen it crowded for me to ever notice it, but this is where the "don't judge a book by its cover" comes in. Everything happens upstair, if you're wondering where all the koreans at, they're UPSTAIRS! BBQing a storm.

Dined in SUN BBQ on a saturday night with a bunch of friends, the first meet up of 2014. On arrival, downstairs was somewhat empty so I headed upstairs and it was JAM PACKED! I looked around and majority seemed to be korean looking. If there's a bunch of koreans in a korean restaurant you know you've hit jack pot. I was very excited. Ordered the obligatory korean bbq dishes, seafood pancake, kimchi pancake and BBQ meat platters of marinated Waygu beef and pork as well as non marinated thin meat shavings.

Those stools are not just stools

After putting down our orders, the korean waitress with beautiful porcelain skin began serving our side dishes, there were so many dishes, we struggled to find space for our main dishes, you know the dishes we actually ordered. I liked the little things around the restaurant, the little table buttons to call for service which we ABUSED and the bin-like stools for baggage storage TOTES CUTE.

Side dishes only

First came the seafood pancake which was delicious! pancake had alot of filling, almost TOO much but as long as it came with the sauce I'm happy jane! Kimchi pancake was a let down unfortunately, TOO much kimchi, it was basically an orange fermented pancake, still edible but it does not deserve a picture sorry.

Seafood pancake

Marinated waygu and pork platter seemed small but that was forgiven after the first bite. The waygu was good quality meat, tender and deliciously marinated, same goes with the pork. We loved it so much we ordered another one. Non marinated meat was also delicious but i'm team marinated ftw.

Marinated Waygu beef

Those white noodle like things are actually shredded onion

Overall very pleased with the restaurant, the bill came out to be cheaper than we thought around $23 each and we were all full, cheapest korean bbq I've had considering the meat served was Waygu. Service was a quite slow but I will forgive them as it was practically full house and there was a massive long table of at least 30 people. 

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