Saturday, 18 January 2014

Cafe Elixir


Cafe Elixir has always been on my places to eat list. I have always seen this cafe topping the charts for best brunch cafes on Urbanspoon. Unfortunately Cafe Elixir is SOOO FAR! in woop woop ie. Wanneroo, I can see all the Northies rolling their eyes as I type this, well it's WOOP for me OKEY. 

One day I was browsing through livingsocial looking for bargains being the asian that I am. I found a deal for Aerochuting which was something that I've always wanted to try. I gathered my keen friends and up, up we went :) It was awesome!  Here's some pictures that you're all dying to see :)

We flew with Aeroflights Australia, click on the link if you're keen :)
ANYWAYS back to the main point, because we were up north in woop woop we took the opportunity to have brunch in Cafe Elixir which was on the way. I was so excited, my excitment to try out the cafe was on par with the aerochuting itself :O

We arrived at around 9am and oh me lordie it was already packed. Shouldn't everyone be sleeping in? It's freaking Saturday. We got a table outside and placed our order through a very friendly waitress.

A and myself ordered the same dish ie the Salmon and gratin benedict $18 consisting of fresh spinach, potato gratin, smoked salmon, 2 poached eggs and topped off with Elixir hollandaise sauce. I loved my dish, though it looked a little on the small side, I savoured every bite and was full in the end. I loved the all so creamy goodness of the hollandaise sauce A engulfed his dish in seconds but didn't complain about the size O-o I guess he was too busy talking and that probably filled him up? I also ordered a chai latte *of course* creamy, smooth and perfect sweetness.

Salmon and gratin benedict $18 and Berry pancakes $16.90
V had the Berry pancakes $16.90 which was MASSIVE! I was actually surprised that she "almost" finished it. I wonder why pancakes are always sOOOooo big.

Berry pancakes $16.90

Y had the Canadian breakfast $19.90 which was french toast served with bacon and maple syrup and vanilla ice cream. This dish was presented in a classy, posh manner. different from the usual french toasts you'd get from other cafes.

Canadian Breakfast $19.90

K was super hungry and ordered the Elixir breakfast $19.90 which was basically everything you can think of in a BIG breakfast.

Elixir Breakfast $19.90

Everyone enjoyed their meal and just by looking at the quality of the dishes served, I can see why this cafe has such high ratings, The prices are reasonable, if anything cheaper than many cafes in Perth. I would definetly come back if I'm ever up in woop woop again. A great end to our adventurous outing :)

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