Monday, 5 September 2011

Gopi Curry Leaf

Being a Malaysian living in Australia, I am constantly craving roti canai, roti prata, roti tissue, roti bomb, roti boy! anything ROTI! my constant cravings fuel my urge to find the perfect place that makes a good roti prata that is up to our standards..So far I have not come across any until I started  hearing about Gopi curry leaf. After reading blogs and hearing comments from my friends...I felt like there was a glimmer of hope..a potentially life changing restaurant which just so happen to be 5min away from my house! aaahhh....I guess the saying says it all "sometimes the solution is just right under your nose".

So my girlfriends and I went on a saturday morning with high hopes. We managed to get a table in the very small joint and we started snapping away ready to reveal this secret to all malaysians out there. I was filled with excitement when I saw the Indian man making the roti! memories of malaysia just flooded back in.

We all ordered a roti prata and a drink (teh tarik and milo ice). There were choices of fillings for the roti. We mainly ordered the roti with onion and plain roti. There was quite a mix up with our orders, my friend who ordered the milo ice was given warm milo TWICE! and there were alot of confusion with what dish was what. Service aside..we didn't really mind..we just wanted our roti...once our orders finally arrived...we all dug in! pulling apart the roti and slathering it into the curry....we tasted and....

We were WRONG =-=

All our roti with difficulty distinguishing which was which

Puny piece of lamb

Teh tarik and milo ice

So what went wrong? firstly...the curry was terrible! It was watered down, and only had a little puny chunk of meat (lamb). I don't really like lamb and I realise I was not given a choice of what curry I wanted in the first place. We were all given it as default..Lamb curry...with almost no basically curry water. My friend was lucky and she chose the chicken curry...BUT that was no different from the lamb curry...only a tiny piece of chicken and again very watered didn't give our roti much flavour. As for the roti...the roti prata with onions was overly packed with onions, my friend was practically digging them out...we all agreed that the roti wasn't like the one you can get from malaysia for 1 ringgit! (~30c) actually 1 ringgit is a rip off..cheaper! something was missing, I just can't quite pin point it...maybe it just lacked the buttery taste, but It wasn't a total miss either. Our drinks was also a terms of meeting our standards..but it was good enough for me to drink without friend was not very happy with her milo looked like something I can make at home.

I think my review could have been alot better if the curry was up to standards and I would go back regularly regardless. We all left disappointed and voted that makan makan was probably better. I wouldn't discourage anyone from trying this place out..I think malaysians should at least try it and judge it for themselves, the place is no doubt popular and judging from ppls faces...they didn't seem to be as disappointed as us...perhaps our expectations were just too high...OR...they've decided to settle for anything thats close enough to Malaysian roti =-=....OR we just went on a bad day.

One things for sure...I'm back to square one for now.

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