Monday, 5 September 2011

The Bonsai Restaurant & Cafe Lounge

I've always been eager to try The Bonsai Restaurant which offers a contemporary style of japanese fusion.

This has not been my first time at bonsai, I've tried the desserts on 3 occasions with mixed reviews. The first time I came was when it was newly opened and took a bite off my friend's strawberry was DELICIOUS! so I came again for a dessert catch up with my friend and again I enjoyed my dessert...not so much the hot chocolate though that's for Koko black and Epic cafe to sort out. The THIRD time I came back for a friend's reunion, all our desserts were disappointing...cake tasted stale and dry...and so from that experience I didn't want to try the desserts this time round.

It was the three of us dining and we were just looking for a light dinner so decided on 3 sharing platters and 1 main to try out.

First came the Smoked salmon wrapped sushi with cream cheese and bean dressed with aioli.. I enjoyed this dish..simple, fresh and lovely textures of the creamy cheese and fresh salmon.

Smoked salmon wrapped sushi

Then came the waygu beef sharing platter. Perfectly sliced thinly, full of flavour and still refreshing on the palate. I also enjoyed this dish.

Waygu beef

We also ordered the braised pork belly. The pork belly was tenderly braised and melted in our mouths. To me this tasted rather home made and for a japanese fusion restaurant...home made wasn't really what I'm looking for. In saying that, it wasn't one of my favourites.

Braised pork belly

Our final dish was a main. Tsukune Chicken Steak, a specialty Japanese chicken-mince steak in teriyaki sauce, served with a side of homemade guacamole and cherry tomatoes. I think when people read chicken mince steak..they are instantly turned off as it is basically a meat patty, but I enjoyed this dish, it's very simple, nothing fancy..anyways I guess you can't really go wrong with teriyaki sauce and mince meat. The down side is that our rice was rather hard so it ruined the experience of this dish.

Tsukune chicken steak and rice

Our bill came to be $21 each, which was a little bit on the pricey side for 2 little sushis, two slices of beef, one pork and 1/3 of chicken mince. It is after all japanese contemporary so I wasn't surprised, Overall, I enjoyed my meal and I wouldn't mind coming back. Maybe I will give the desserts another chance, but from my past experiences, looks was decieving as the desserts were presented so beautifully at the counter, but in reality, the taste was rather average.

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