Saturday, 21 December 2013

Gusto Cafe

"Gusto Go"

M and I haven't seen each other in YONKS! She recently broke her foot from jumping?? O_o and moved to South Perth to be a full time princess at her big sisters home. We decided to finally catch up and what better place but in South Perth. South Perth is somewhere that I should dine in more often, there are many cafes with good ratings on Urbanspoon but I usually end up at the foreshore, why waste a beautiful view and the opportunity to have a picnic/BBQ by being cramped in a cafe, UNLESS you have a cripple with you haha..*Sorry M* We decided to try out Gusto Cafe.

After parking the car as close to the cafe as possible for M and totally babying her, we eventually settled on a table, the only table available *lucky* and pondered on the menu. I was told to try the french cinnamon toast with bacon, maple berry compote, banana and handmade honeycomb. It was a difficult move since I like my savoury but I decided to take the plunge. I also ordered a chai latte *of course* M ordered the potato hot cakes consisting of two poached eggs, avocado smashed, smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce.

As we were finalising our orders, we were interupted by the table beside us, they needed to get through and our table was basically blocking their path out. It was a terrible seating plan and poor M had to slowly get out of her chair, we decided to swap sides and I was left getting in and out of my chair, it's no wonder our table was the only available one, nobody wants it *not so lucky after all*. As soon as the table beside us was free we quickly shuffled over.

French cinnamon toast

My dish arrived and OMG it was so BIG!! I knew I won't be able to finish it. The honey comb was home made and I loved it, berries were a little sour, but the sweetness of the honeycomb made up for it and that pile of bread! OMG just thinking about it makes me full. I think they can afford to down size it, but in saying that, two old ladies sat beside us in the shitty table and both ordered the same dish as me and I watched them FINISH it all EASILY. they saved the honeycomb to last to eat with their coffee. Yes I was eaves dropping and my jaw was dropping too :O

Potato hot cakes

M on the other hand had a more decent sized meal , it looked good, I gusto order that next time. She polished her plate with ease.

Overall, I'd still recommend Gusto cafe, it looks like a favourite amongst the locals, I wouldn't discourage those from ordering the cinamon bread coz well, grannies can finish it off, there must be something wrong with me, in my defense, we went at 8:30am and I'm not used to eating that much for breakfast. There are very limited and cramp seating, probably explains that shitty table and I guess people would rather have that slight inconvenience than to wait for a table. Anyways, if the cafe so happen to be empty you Gusto avoid that table *excuse the puns*.

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