Sunday, 5 August 2012

Superstar waffles

"SUPER delicious!"

Last night I went to superstar waffles with the bf having dessert before dinner as I was afraid it would be SUPER packed with people if we went after dinner. It's abit difficult to find the place as it's nestled away in an alleyway just opposite bivouac and next to K3G along William st.

To our surprise, the little joint was quite empty..YES! *fist pumps* beat the crowd! I love the interiors, blackboard, bottles, vintage side couch and menus on clipboards. Perfect place to have a waffle and WAFFLE with your friends XD

The menu was filled with a variety of waffles and an extensive drink menu with unique drinks such as green tea latte and taro latte. I got excited and ordered the taro latte, bf had the flat white and as for waffles, we shared the peanut butter mousse waffle.

Taro latte

Taro latte

This was delicious! I'm not a coffee person so I enjoyed the creamy taro taste, there was something refreshing about it. I would have liked it abit sweeter so I wondered why I wasn't given sugar, only to realise after almost finishing the drink that the sugar were in the bottles that I thought were decor ALL THIS TIME :O *face palm* but thats alright I'm healthier because of my stupidity ^^ and it was still delicious.

Don't be fooled..they're not just decor >_< there's sugar
 in them

Flat white

Flat white

I'm not a coffee person so I can't comment on how good the flat white was, taste all the same to me but the bf felt the coffee beans were abit burnt. If that was the case I'm sure it was a one off thing after reading many good reviews on their coffee.

Peanut butter mousse waffle

Peanut butter mousse-
Waffles with peanut butter mousse, topped with oreo crumble,
served with freshcream and oreo biscuit.

This waffle was SOOO GOOD! especially the peanut butter mousse. I have to admit I was abit worried that it didn't have syrup to go with the waffles as I was so use to having gelare waffles..but after having this..syrup what?? delicious! highly recommended.

Overall I had a positive first impression and will definitely come back to try the other flavours and the green tea latte so look out for more posts! We left at 8:30pm as the joint was getting pretty packed, so I'd suggest coming early as this place is the talk of the town/fb atm. I believe gelares has a new contender.


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  1. Hi Perth on a Platter, this review has resulted in me calling up my girlies and making a chocolate date at San Churros tonight…there goes the diet! Why can't I read about chocolate without immediately needing to eat it! I was wondering if I could maybe get some help? I’m working on an app atm, and a part of the app will have bloggers recommending 5-10 places in their city to check out, I was wondering if you might recommend maybe a few places you love? I will put links up to your blog on the app and so far we have 2,000 signed up to download the app you can pop on here – or email me on xxx

    1. Hi Laura! Thank you for reading my blog :) I'd be happy to help, it sounds like an exciting project. Would it be easier if I email my top places? Some of the places are not posted in my blog as I stopped for a year, but I will write about them soon.