Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Toastface Grillah

"Escape to the simple way of life"

I would have never stumbled upon this little gem had I not browsed through the "talk of the town" section in Urbanspoon. I'm a simple person who loves simple things like toasties, If I could, I'd have a toastie everyday with loads of oozy cheese, but life's unfair, one has to keep a balance and one has to eat vegies,  fruits and blah blah.. 

Toastface Grillah is nestled in Grand lane, an alleyway off barrack st, pretty much opposite takas and before Wellington street. There are no signs directing patrons to the joint, so I pretty much followed google maps. The BF and I went together and as soon as I located the supposed alleyway that we were meant to turn into, the BF asked for my hand and we walked in hand in hand, thats how dodgy the alleyway seemed. As we walked further down the pee smelling graffitti alleyway, I spotted the Toastface Grillah sign graffitted on a wall, behind the wall there it was, a tiny cafe with a cute hipster vibe. J was very impressed with what we found in such an alleyway. I loved the recycled items, such as the tyre planter, toaster pot plant, cracker tin pot plant and the fact that they made the most of a hole in the wall with a cute toy, every where I turn there's something creative to admire.

Toaster pot plant

I love tAUSt face

J was happy to have a seat and just soak in the vibe, but I just wanted to order, so I dragged him into the cafe and I ordered the toastie with bacon, onion, cheese and pear. J had the turkey, brie and cranberry toastie. I also ordered the strawberry and lemon juice, J had the orange juice. Altogether the bill came down to $26, Yes, a little bit pricey for toasties and juice, especially since it's easily made at home, but I've already been jaded by Perth prices so MEH.

Toasties :)

Both of us LOVED our toasties, I already knew we would enjoy it, you can't go wrong with toasties really. The bread was golden brown and buttery crunchy. It tasted like they used garlic butter, but don't quote me on that. Unfortunately, I couldn't quite taste the pear in my toastie, but it still tasted delicious. J loved his turkey, brie and cranberry toastie more than mines, he actually found mines abit salty compared to his, which I agreed after having one of his as a comparision. 

Strawberry and lemon juice $5; Orange juice $5

My strawberry and lemon juice tasted more like lemon juice, couldn't really taste the strawberry. Nonetheless, refreshingly enjoyable but would have been spot on if there were more strawberries. J loves his orange juice so there ain't no complaining happening there.

Just being a creepy paparazzi

A simple cafe, offering simple food with a very simple way of life attitude, it just makes you forgive everything about it, the dusty window seal is totally forgiven as it adds character, the very old kitchen also adds character, the lady passed our drinks through the bars of the window since we were sitting just outside her kitchen, totally cool! they could probably get away without dusting the place because it just all adds to the vibe. It's good to have a place where people can really just calm the F*#&! down and chill. I'll definetly be back, I'm already craving for a toastie.

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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Raw Kitchen

"Mind Blown"

Chinese New Year is round the corner and H wanted to organise a catch up with the girls before she goes to Malaysia to collect her red packets. H chose Raw Kitchen a vegan cafe as our lunch spot, not because she's vegan, in fact she loves her meat, but because Urbanspoon had high ratings.

A vegan diet is a type of vegetarian diet that does not use any animal derived products, no dairy, no eggs, no meat. Raw kitchen strives to showcase plant-based cuisines using raw and pure ingredients, all gluten, dairy and sugar free (processed sugar).

Raw Kitchen use to be located on South Terrace in Fremantle but moved to a larger venue off High street. The venue is huge and has an industrial, RAW, organic and hipster vibe to it, loving the recycled piano decor, the mini gift store in the corner and sea container gallery. H made reservations for us, but unfortunately we were all late and our table was given away, they gave us a bigger table instead. WIN! it was too big that another group shared with us LOSE :( jks. there was plenty of space in between both groups so we could still talk dirty and they won't be able to hear us *not that we do*.

Interiors and wait staff with cute aprons

Piano decor

Looking through the menu, it is amazing how the dishes they offer are vegan, we ordered the much raved about nachos, pesto pasta, zuchinni pasta and mushroom pizza all to share and to wash it down, I ordered the blue moon smoothie consisting of blue berries, lavendar, banana, agave (nectar from the plant agave used as an alternative to sugar) and handmade almond milk. I'm very impressed that they also use their own handmade cashew, macadamia and date milk, rice milk and organic GM-free soy.

Our table spread

Raw nachos: dehydrated hand cut corn chips, walnut, refried 'beans', fresh tomato salsa, guacamole, cashew sour 'cream' chives $19

The Nachos was hands down everybody's favourite dish, downside would be there was a terrible crisp to dip ratio, we were left with alot of dip left, we even asked for more crisps.

live zucchini pasta: raw tomato sauce, mushroom, kalamata olives, avocado, basil, cracked pepper $22

raw pesto pasta: pink radish, fresh basil, avocado, sundried tomato, capers, baby spinach $23

First slurp of the zucchini pasta and I loved it, I was so impressed by how spaghetti looking these zucchinis were, you could easily fool a kid, this could be the answer to getting picky kids to eat their vegies. I don't quite know what the powder is but whatever it is the flavour was all there. Compared to the pesto pasta, everyone agreed that the tomato base was more to their liking, but both dishes were impressive, the pasta was also made out of zucchini. It's a good thing we shared our dishes, I don't think I can finish the whole plate of pasta without feeling abit sick, perhaps too much healthiness?

Wild mushroom pizza: shitake, marinated field mushrooms, cashew cream, pesto, truffle oil, enokis, pickled onions $28

Mushroom pizza

Everyone enjoyed the pizza, this would probably be second after the Nachos. Eventhough I'm not a big fan of shitake mushroom, I gobbled this down easy. The pizza base was different, it looked like flat bread but didn't quite taste like flat bread. I need to find out. Mushrooms were very mushroomy *Er Derr* so they definetly nailed that aspect of the dish, I think the addition of truffle oil enhanced all the mushroom flavours and that probably explains why the pizza is $28.

Blue moon smoothie (front); Morning glory (middle), Red velvet (back)

My blue moon smoothie had a dominating banana flavour, I couldn't quite taste the blueberries and there was an after taste that I wasn't familiar with, it could be from the almond milk or the agave, I don't quite like it but it didn't stop me from finishing it.

The service was mostly good, our first waitress who took our orders was very sweet and helped us with her recommendations, the man who brought our dishes through was very friendly and was also happy to take photos for us, unfortunately when we asked if we could have more crisps, the third lady coldly said "I'll have to charge you for that" I mean we didn't expect freebies and she didn't even tell us how much more, it could be a bazillion dollars, it also took a very long time for us to finally get it. Could have been a 10/10 with service.

Overall, our experience was mind blowing. call me narrow minded but I am one who loves my cheese and meat and never quite understood how one can be a full time vegan (unless it's allergies/ethics), I am now enlightened, vegans can still enjoy great food and we definetly left with a healthy and refreshed feeling.

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Sunday, 19 January 2014


I've been to Santi's quite a number of times as it's walking distance from my workplace, my workmates whom require their daily caffeine fix are also a regular to the joint, so I can safely assume that the coffee is good stuff. Everytime I step in Santis, I just admire their decor, am loving the feature wall with photo frames, the cozy couch area, the calming light blue colour scheme and inspiring quotes written on your table numbers.

The first time I went with my workmates and had the pancakes with honeycomb butter, fresh berries and cream. This was delicious and HUGE. The honeycomb flavour wasn't as obvious as I'd like it to be but the flavour was still there. Pancakes were fluffy and they were very generous with the berries. I also had the chai latte *of course* which was perfection!

Pancakes with honeycomb butter, fresh berries and cream

Chai latte

The next pictures are a few of my workmate's dishes, beautifully presented dishes especially the baked eggs which my workmate devoured.

Baked eggs

I have also tried their caesar wraps, roast lamb wraps and the roast vegetable wraps. My favourite would be the lamb and the roast vegetable. I have tried to replicate them at home but always fail :( I have also tried their banana bread, toasted, with butter MMmm..can't go wrong.

My most recent dine in was when there was a false fire evacuation, so what do we do? we go to Santi's. I had the bacon maple syrup french toast which I have to say was HUGE and the best I've encountered.

French toast with bacon and maple syrup

It's a good thing that Santi's is right next to my work place but also a shame since I've always turned down my friends who have wanted to try the place out, it just feels like I'm going back to work on a weekend. One thing I also would like to note is the excellent service. The ladies are always in a good mood and all so bubbly, a great remedy for the monday blues.

Negatives would be the prices, I think it's abit on the pricey side. They have the most expensive sausage rolls I've ever seen, setting you back $8, but my workmate who has eaten it said it's REALLY good, the filling is a combination of beef and pork. hmmm....I'm still reluctant to pay that much for a sausage roll, I mean how good can it get. I think the reason why their dishes are pricey is because they're so BIG!, two people (ladies) could share a dish and perhaps they're taking advantage of the doctors and surgeons who dont' have time to venture further down Hampton road for a meal. Smart move. Time is really money.

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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Cafe Elixir


Cafe Elixir has always been on my places to eat list. I have always seen this cafe topping the charts for best brunch cafes on Urbanspoon. Unfortunately Cafe Elixir is SOOO FAR! in woop woop ie. Wanneroo, I can see all the Northies rolling their eyes as I type this, well it's WOOP for me OKEY. 

One day I was browsing through livingsocial looking for bargains being the asian that I am. I found a deal for Aerochuting which was something that I've always wanted to try. I gathered my keen friends and up, up we went :) It was awesome!  Here's some pictures that you're all dying to see :)

We flew with Aeroflights Australia, click on the link if you're keen :)
ANYWAYS back to the main point, because we were up north in woop woop we took the opportunity to have brunch in Cafe Elixir which was on the way. I was so excited, my excitment to try out the cafe was on par with the aerochuting itself :O

We arrived at around 9am and oh me lordie it was already packed. Shouldn't everyone be sleeping in? It's freaking Saturday. We got a table outside and placed our order through a very friendly waitress.

A and myself ordered the same dish ie the Salmon and gratin benedict $18 consisting of fresh spinach, potato gratin, smoked salmon, 2 poached eggs and topped off with Elixir hollandaise sauce. I loved my dish, though it looked a little on the small side, I savoured every bite and was full in the end. I loved the all so creamy goodness of the hollandaise sauce A engulfed his dish in seconds but didn't complain about the size O-o I guess he was too busy talking and that probably filled him up? I also ordered a chai latte *of course* creamy, smooth and perfect sweetness.

Salmon and gratin benedict $18 and Berry pancakes $16.90
V had the Berry pancakes $16.90 which was MASSIVE! I was actually surprised that she "almost" finished it. I wonder why pancakes are always sOOOooo big.

Berry pancakes $16.90

Y had the Canadian breakfast $19.90 which was french toast served with bacon and maple syrup and vanilla ice cream. This dish was presented in a classy, posh manner. different from the usual french toasts you'd get from other cafes.

Canadian Breakfast $19.90

K was super hungry and ordered the Elixir breakfast $19.90 which was basically everything you can think of in a BIG breakfast.

Elixir Breakfast $19.90

Everyone enjoyed their meal and just by looking at the quality of the dishes served, I can see why this cafe has such high ratings, The prices are reasonable, if anything cheaper than many cafes in Perth. I would definetly come back if I'm ever up in woop woop again. A great end to our adventurous outing :)

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Friday, 17 January 2014

SUN BBQ Restaurant


This has got to be my new favourite Korean BBQ restaurant. I am so blessed to have lovely friends who 'live to eat' to have been introduced to this restaurant. SUN BBQ is located in the corner of William St and Newcastle St, despite being a regular commuter in Northbridge, I have never really noticed the joint, I don't think I've seen it crowded for me to ever notice it, but this is where the "don't judge a book by its cover" comes in. Everything happens upstair, if you're wondering where all the koreans at, they're UPSTAIRS! BBQing a storm.

Dined in SUN BBQ on a saturday night with a bunch of friends, the first meet up of 2014. On arrival, downstairs was somewhat empty so I headed upstairs and it was JAM PACKED! I looked around and majority seemed to be korean looking. If there's a bunch of koreans in a korean restaurant you know you've hit jack pot. I was very excited. Ordered the obligatory korean bbq dishes, seafood pancake, kimchi pancake and BBQ meat platters of marinated Waygu beef and pork as well as non marinated thin meat shavings.

Those stools are not just stools

After putting down our orders, the korean waitress with beautiful porcelain skin began serving our side dishes, there were so many dishes, we struggled to find space for our main dishes, you know the dishes we actually ordered. I liked the little things around the restaurant, the little table buttons to call for service which we ABUSED and the bin-like stools for baggage storage TOTES CUTE.

Side dishes only

First came the seafood pancake which was delicious! pancake had alot of filling, almost TOO much but as long as it came with the sauce I'm happy jane! Kimchi pancake was a let down unfortunately, TOO much kimchi, it was basically an orange fermented pancake, still edible but it does not deserve a picture sorry.

Seafood pancake

Marinated waygu and pork platter seemed small but that was forgiven after the first bite. The waygu was good quality meat, tender and deliciously marinated, same goes with the pork. We loved it so much we ordered another one. Non marinated meat was also delicious but i'm team marinated ftw.

Marinated Waygu beef

Those white noodle like things are actually shredded onion

Overall very pleased with the restaurant, the bill came out to be cheaper than we thought around $23 each and we were all full, cheapest korean bbq I've had considering the meat served was Waygu. Service was a quite slow but I will forgive them as it was practically full house and there was a massive long table of at least 30 people. 

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Monday, 23 December 2013

Felix & Co. Speciality Coffee


Whilst everyone is enjoying their christmas shut down periods, I am still slaving away at work :( Since most restaurants are closed for the year it makes it difficult for us to find food on Hampton road, the main street with numerous eateries we rely on to feed us. One day my workmate was in need of a coffee fix so we decided to suss out what's open. Most of our usual eats were closed except for Felix & Co. S wasn't a big fan of their coffee blend but decided to give them another go, she is now a convert and loved the blend she chose. Whilst we were chilling away in the little cosy cafe (probably could comfortably seat 15 ppl), we saw a couple having a toastie, it wasn't just a toastie, there was some kind of relish? that came with it and we were intrigued, funny how a relish? could just change the overall appeal of a toastie. We wanted to try it after our discovery.

The next time we visited, we both ordered a toastie. Toasties seem to be the main hot food they serve, they offer different kinds of toasties, toastie with ham and cheese, toastie with three cheese, toastie with mushrooms and cheese and toastie with the LOT! aka the godfather. To me if everything seems appealing, choose the one thats got more value for money. S and I chose THE GODFATHER.

Our toasties looked delicious and we couldn't wait to try the relish? I don't even know what to call it, it tasted like a mixture of tomato, chilli tuna and a capsicum, pecorino, cashew and basil red rock deli dip. Whatever it is, it's yum and it goes so well with the toastie. This has changed how I would eat my toasties now :) I also ordered a Chai latte *of course* to wash down my toastie, I've had better, it wasn't as creamy as I'd like it to be. I'll just stick to my toasties :)


Monday - Friday 6:30am-4:00pm
Saturday 7:00am-3:00pm

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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Gusto Cafe

"Gusto Go"

M and I haven't seen each other in YONKS! She recently broke her foot from jumping?? O_o and moved to South Perth to be a full time princess at her big sisters home. We decided to finally catch up and what better place but in South Perth. South Perth is somewhere that I should dine in more often, there are many cafes with good ratings on Urbanspoon but I usually end up at the foreshore, why waste a beautiful view and the opportunity to have a picnic/BBQ by being cramped in a cafe, UNLESS you have a cripple with you haha..*Sorry M* We decided to try out Gusto Cafe.

After parking the car as close to the cafe as possible for M and totally babying her, we eventually settled on a table, the only table available *lucky* and pondered on the menu. I was told to try the french cinnamon toast with bacon, maple berry compote, banana and handmade honeycomb. It was a difficult move since I like my savoury but I decided to take the plunge. I also ordered a chai latte *of course* M ordered the potato hot cakes consisting of two poached eggs, avocado smashed, smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce.

As we were finalising our orders, we were interupted by the table beside us, they needed to get through and our table was basically blocking their path out. It was a terrible seating plan and poor M had to slowly get out of her chair, we decided to swap sides and I was left getting in and out of my chair, it's no wonder our table was the only available one, nobody wants it *not so lucky after all*. As soon as the table beside us was free we quickly shuffled over.

French cinnamon toast

My dish arrived and OMG it was so BIG!! I knew I won't be able to finish it. The honey comb was home made and I loved it, berries were a little sour, but the sweetness of the honeycomb made up for it and that pile of bread! OMG just thinking about it makes me full. I think they can afford to down size it, but in saying that, two old ladies sat beside us in the shitty table and both ordered the same dish as me and I watched them FINISH it all EASILY. they saved the honeycomb to last to eat with their coffee. Yes I was eaves dropping and my jaw was dropping too :O

Potato hot cakes

M on the other hand had a more decent sized meal , it looked good, I gusto order that next time. She polished her plate with ease.

Overall, I'd still recommend Gusto cafe, it looks like a favourite amongst the locals, I wouldn't discourage those from ordering the cinamon bread coz well, grannies can finish it off, there must be something wrong with me, in my defense, we went at 8:30am and I'm not used to eating that much for breakfast. There are very limited and cramp seating, probably explains that shitty table and I guess people would rather have that slight inconvenience than to wait for a table. Anyways, if the cafe so happen to be empty you Gusto avoid that table *excuse the puns*.

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