Monday, 13 June 2011

Rochelle Adonis

"High tea with ELEGANCE"

I had high tea at Rochelle Adonis for my 23rd birthday celebration in March with a small group of friends..a perfect place for a relaxing birthday brunch for an old fart like myself T_T.

Rochelle Adonis is a little Cakes and Confections studio that also caters for high tea, degustation and lunch. It is such a girly fresh place with friendly staff. High tea costs $45pp for which 50% deposit has to be made and High tea sessions only running at 10am, 12noon and 2pm.

Upon arrival we were greeted by a long wide grey marble table which really couldn't fit many people so be quick when making reservations. One side of the wall was beautifully decorated with an assortment of frames..though...the other side was just a bunch of files and a computer =-= haha...would be absolutely perfect if the whole place was filled with tip is..choose wisely on where you want to sit if you want to capture the beautiful frames in your photos. *well if you're a camwhorer like myself XD*

Now I don't remember the names of all the dishes and the details of how they tasted...all I remember was the good and the bads. Once seated, we were all given a menu of teas to order from before the commencement of first course, the sugar came in cute bowls and milk was served in a milk BOTTLE! just like the olden days when there was a milk man delivering bottles of milk ^^


Our first dish was mushroom patte spread with toasted bread and I enjoyed it...I wish I ate it more slowly and appreciated the art of it but I kinda just gobbled it up :(

Then came cucumber sandwiches and risotto balls...I loved it all...cucumber sandwich was very refreshing as well as the delicious crispy risotto balls with soft centres.


Nothing could have prepared us for the sugar overload that was about to come. First dessert came in a shot glass followed by a pear praline ice cream in a spoon which was the favourite... then a large tier with an assortment of sweet goodies arrived...from meringues to profiteroles to brownies..all in a more classy manner of course~.

Overall I enjoyed the experience... though I have to admit I was left feeling abit disappointed with how much dishes we had with $45...I was left longing for more savoury items..probably coz I am a savoury person myself and I was hoping for a more unique array of desserts rather than the standard profiteroles and brownies BUT it was my first high tea session so I can't really judge and $45 isn't that bad if I put into account the love put into each dish, the fresh produce used, good quality tea, the excellent service with the waitress and waiters introducing each dish to us and the lovely venue. Basically give this place a go as the quality of everything mentioned before really brings out the ELEGANCE in you.

NB: I believe there is a constant change in items being served in each high tea session from what I've read in different blogs so don't expect the same things.

Opening Hours:
Wed-Sat. 10am-4pm
(Now newly opened on Sundays due to popularity *double check*)

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