Monday, 6 June 2011

Rembrandt Polish Restaurant [CLOSED]

I tried this Polish restaurant for lunch on a Sunday arvo with some lovely people and was rather satisfied with the experience. The food was hearty and in big servings with a very reasonable price tag to it. I reckon with a little bit of touch up to the presentation of the restaurant and the can really go far.

When we arrived to the restaurant it was rather empty and it didn't look too can tell they're making an effort to spruce up the restaurant with a nice feature wall covering the kitchen area and some couches, but yes I have to agree with the blogs commenting on the very outdated pictures..there was a picture of a fire breathing dragon that looked as if it was painted by a 12 year old..I just couldn't keep my eyes off it. I ventured around the restaurant and realised it was actually bigger than I thought it to be with a warm European feeling compared to the entrance of the restaurant where we were seated.


After reading many blogs commenting on how big the meals were, we decided to order 3 dishes to share amongst the 4 of us. We ordered the much raved about traditional polish dumplings "Pierogi", the much raved about Pork hock "Golonka" and the special which was duck leg with roasted apple and stewed red cabbage.

The Pierogi had a choice of three different fillings which we chose to have all three kinds.
-Cheese & potato with fried onion and sour cream
-Cabbage & mushroom
-with meat (beef & pork), herbs and spices

Pierogi - traditional polish dumplings

The dumplings reminded me of the Taiwanese pan fried dumplings but with a polish filling. I particularly liked the potato filling which I thought would be rather tasteless but the fried onions did the trick and it was creamy and fragrant. This dish is counted as a main with 8 dumplings...I think it would be abit monotonous to just have dumplings as a main so I reckon it's best shared.

Golonka - Pork hock

Duck leg with stewed red cabbage

The Pork hock was HUUuGE! especially for one person..the meat was perfectly roasted and tenderly went well with the roasted potatoes, cabbage, mustard and horseradish. After stripping the bone naked of its flesh we moved onto the duck like a herd of carnivores...but the duck leg was tiny =-= definitely for one person...but we shared anyways and it was delicious~ the duck leg was nicely seasoned and well accompanied with the sweet roast apple and stewed red cabbage. I was surprised the duck leg wasn't a disappointment as I have always been disappointed with my duck dishes. Meat was so tender it fell off the bone.


I was so eager to try out the polish doughnuts which I read was only served during the weekends...when came to ordering we ordered the Polish cheesecake "Sernik", crepe "Nalesniki z serem" and polish doughnuts "Paczki"...ONLY TO BE TOLD THEY WERE SOLD OUT~! GARRggg!!! We chucked a sad and the waitress obviously felt sad for us and was kind enough to check with the chef :P...she had TWO LEFT! YAYAYAYAY! so we ordered TWO doughnuts :P I didn't realise how popular they were and so the bar was raised for these much anticipated doughnuts.

Paczki - polish doughnuts filled with jam
My first bite into the doughnut was WOW these are good! but after awhile it really is quite me the doughnut wasn't very fresh and wasn't fluffy like I imagined it to was more like a bread texture...not sure if polish doughnuts are just meant to be that way.... but I still finished was good..but not AMAZING to the point that it be sold out.

Sernik - Polish cheesecake
The Polish cheesecake was too wasn't AMAZING..just tasted like baked cheesecake.

Nalesniki z serem - Crepes with cream cheese

I enjoyed the crepe...crispy on the outside with a rich smooth cream cheese in the center..but I think I'd be quite sick of it if I had the whole plate to myself as there was like 4 big crepes on the plate.

We were all surprisingly full in the was the dessert that filled us up...we were actually going to order another main but decided to go straight to dessert. Overall, we enjoyed dining here...we enjoyed our meals and walked out with happy wallets too spending $25 each between the 4 of us after ordering six dishes ^^

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