Sunday, 1 May 2011

Thai Gormet Cafe

"Perfect for quick, simple, wallet friendly Thai food"

I've eaten in this Thai cafe 3 times! 1. coz it's a decent price for Thai food (~$10 a dish),'s not too far of a walk from the city and we just so happen to always have thai cravings when we're in the city >_< and 3..the food is actually not bad ^^ *DING!*

Thai Gourmet Cafe is situated on William Street and it's not exactly IN YOUR FACE easy to find..but we got there in the end..I'd say it's near Viet Hoa restaurant. We were seated immediately by the friendly staff and it seems like a very popular place to many as it has always been quite packed from all the times I've been here. If I was to comment on the feels like a student canteen-like cafe. Not a very warm welcoming feel but the pictures on the wall kept me entertained for awhile ^^ and the fact that they have a device on each table to call for "order, water, and bill" with just a push of a button...I am still wondering where the signal goes and how they know which table is calling. O_o

So my standard criteria when ordering Thai food is...Thai Pineapple Fried Rice, Some kind of Thai curry (Red curry is usually my choice) and a random dish.

Thai pineapple fried rice with a good burntish taste.

The pineapple fried rice was good, but it would've been better if there was more meat in it. It had a smokey/ charcoaly taste to it..which I liked...GOOD smokey/charcoal..not burnt.

Thai Grilled Prawns

Thai Beef

We also ordered the Grilled Thai prawns and Grilled Beef which were under the "SPECIAL" catagory in the menu. This is definetly not the dish for those with a chilli noob palate [ME] >_<...the chilli actually kicks in after you've taken a bite of the prawn/beef and yesss...that jug of water suddenly became my best friend. I guess that explains why the table device had a button dedicated for "WATER"!!

Thai red curry..ommnomnomnom

My favourite dish would have to be the Thai Red was delicious!! perhaps I would have liked it to be abit more creamier and maybe more meat? *I'm such a man*  but the flavour was definetly there. I have ordered this dish 3 times in the..well..THREE times I've dined it! and even after having my palate absolutely incinerated from the prawns and beef...I was still pushing to eat this curry [yeh..that good]...I have to admit...the overall experience was quite painful for me.. but it was worth it ^^

Thai prawn dumplings
Thai sausages

For the other times I've been here, I've ordered the Prawn dumplings with a special thai sauce...this was on "special"...really....nothing special about's just wontons..should've known...but still tasty ^^ can't go wrong with wontons can't go wrong with anything deep fried. I also ordered the Thai BBQ chicken which was also quite nice.

The beef sausages were...yes...sausages, but it tasted slightly stale though edible still. I found the garnishing quite odd...but hey..we're not in a prestigious restaurant and you pay for what you get.

I've told my workmate about this place and she came for the Tom Yum soup...said it was absolutely yes..i would come back for the 4th time ^^

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