Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Cups Frozen Yogurt

FRO-YO~ yo yo!

Step aside Icey Ice...Move aside Utopia/Easyway/Tea fusion....FRO-YO is in town! and it's definitely here to stay.

Once upon a time I was the icey ice and bbt fanatic..I was happy ^^.....but after awhile the happily ever after just seemed like a distant memory..I GOT BORED! until I started hearing about a newly opened branch called CUPS where they served FRO-YO...FROZEN YOGURT! my first reaction was.."OMG wat a cute name! froyo~ FRozen YOgurt! get it! FRO-YO..FROzen YOgurt hert hert =-=


Stepping into the store I was clueless as to how it worked..but all it took was just three simple steps

1. Pick your cup size
2. Pick your flavour (Original, Green tea, Pomegranate) can taste test
3. Pick your toppings...numerous toppings ranging from fresh fruits to candy to nuts

..............and WALAH!

Pomegranate FROYO with fruit toppings
The texture of the Froyo was basically like yogurt but creamier and more's pretty much a healthy ice cream. I tried the pomegranate flavour and I LOVED IT!...I also liked the original but felt like something more on the fruity for the green tea...YUCK! well...I'm not a big fan of green tea flavoured things...I like grean tea TEA though...I just found the flavour waaayy too green tea strong >_< guess green tea lovers would like it.

A few weeks later I found myself back at CUPS with fel and celia...fel was raving on about the mochi topping which I didn't realise they had..yeh~~ that almost sent felicia to the emergency room...she said "HOW COULD YOU HAVE FROYO WITHOUT MOCHI!!" so as expected..I chose mochi on my froyo~ XD The nice chewy gooey goodness adds a new dimension of texture to my froyo cup...i'll be sure to always choose mochi on my froyo ^^Y

Original FROYO with mochi and fruits
So after discovering CUPS, when it comes to catching up with friends or just finding a place to chill or snack, rather than throwing icey ice or bbt suggestions in the air..FroYo comes to mind *though froyo also makes bbt so that's killing two birds with one stone when having bbt or froyo conflicts* ^^ Think everyone should try this place~ it's healthy! if that helps :P and perfect for cooling off in the hot summer days, not like winter is going to stop us.

Centro Victoria Park
Shop 19/366 Albany Highway
Victoria Park
WA 6100

Open 7 days a week 11am-10pm

Fro-Yo Frozen yoghurt and Bubble Tea Shop
39 Sorrento Quay Broadwalk, Hillarys Boat Harbour

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