Sunday, 19 January 2014


I've been to Santi's quite a number of times as it's walking distance from my workplace, my workmates whom require their daily caffeine fix are also a regular to the joint, so I can safely assume that the coffee is good stuff. Everytime I step in Santis, I just admire their decor, am loving the feature wall with photo frames, the cozy couch area, the calming light blue colour scheme and inspiring quotes written on your table numbers.

The first time I went with my workmates and had the pancakes with honeycomb butter, fresh berries and cream. This was delicious and HUGE. The honeycomb flavour wasn't as obvious as I'd like it to be but the flavour was still there. Pancakes were fluffy and they were very generous with the berries. I also had the chai latte *of course* which was perfection!

Pancakes with honeycomb butter, fresh berries and cream

Chai latte

The next pictures are a few of my workmate's dishes, beautifully presented dishes especially the baked eggs which my workmate devoured.

Baked eggs

I have also tried their caesar wraps, roast lamb wraps and the roast vegetable wraps. My favourite would be the lamb and the roast vegetable. I have tried to replicate them at home but always fail :( I have also tried their banana bread, toasted, with butter MMmm..can't go wrong.

My most recent dine in was when there was a false fire evacuation, so what do we do? we go to Santi's. I had the bacon maple syrup french toast which I have to say was HUGE and the best I've encountered.

French toast with bacon and maple syrup

It's a good thing that Santi's is right next to my work place but also a shame since I've always turned down my friends who have wanted to try the place out, it just feels like I'm going back to work on a weekend. One thing I also would like to note is the excellent service. The ladies are always in a good mood and all so bubbly, a great remedy for the monday blues.

Negatives would be the prices, I think it's abit on the pricey side. They have the most expensive sausage rolls I've ever seen, setting you back $8, but my workmate who has eaten it said it's REALLY good, the filling is a combination of beef and pork. hmmm....I'm still reluctant to pay that much for a sausage roll, I mean how good can it get. I think the reason why their dishes are pricey is because they're so BIG!, two people (ladies) could share a dish and perhaps they're taking advantage of the doctors and surgeons who dont' have time to venture further down Hampton road for a meal. Smart move. Time is really money.

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