Sunday, 15 December 2013

Momento caffe (Next cafe)

" New Coffee Experience"

So I'm always on the look out for cafes serving unique food and beverages. I stumbled upon Next cafe which has formerly changed their name to MOMENTO CAFFE. I found out they serve unique coffee flavours and have pretty coffee art and it's down south, a suburban cafe not too far from me. That just ticks all the boxes. S and I organised a spotlight and coffee date on a sunday arvo, it took us a while to find the cafe since we didn't know they've changed their name. Urbanspoon was not updated. We kept walking past Momento caffe just looking at google maps all puzzled it's like looking for treasure and being on X without the treasure. We decided to give up and just try Momento caffe, dragged ourselves in with a long face like a kid having to do chores, until we saw a little notice on the door stating that they use to be Next cafe :O HALLELUJAH!

We decided to sit outside to take in the fresh breeze and was given the drinks menu. I ordered the orange mocha and S had the coconut capuccino, there wasn't a food menu as they only offer what is in the glass display, nothing really appealed to me so I just stuck to my drink. 

Our drinks looked so beautiful, prettiest I've seen in Perth so far and I'm forever in search for more coffee art. First sip and I could taste the orange flavour, I loved how it's different and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I could see the orange flavour essence? at the bottom of the cup so definetly give it a good stir, in my case, I didn't want to ruin the art. S also liked her drink, in fact she has been reminiscing about it for awhile. I think super serious coffee lovers may think the flavour essence ruins the coffee, but for those who like a twist or something different should definetly try this place out.

P.S The entertainment book offers a complimentary coffee when another is purchased deal under Next Cafe

P.S.S If you know of any cafes that does coffee art give me a shout out. I'll forever be grateful :)

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