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"a toast to TOAST"

Toast was the destination for a girls day out brunch to celebrate my dear friend's birthday...conclusion...I love this place!

Toast is situated in East Perth Claisebrook, a perfect setting for a relaxing day out with a sense of classiness. Though it is situated in the upper class East perth, it certainly does not look the part, just an ordinary cafe with wonderful views and friendly service. If you want a more classy environment, go next door to the royal pub, it makes Toast look like the student cafe.

Lovely view from the inside
Interesting table settings

To start off my brunch from the very extensive menu, I ordered the Sweet Pea drink consisting of water melon, orange and basil. I LOVED IT! I knew I couldn't go wrong with water melon and orange but the hint of basil really made it unique. It was very refreshing.

Sweat Pea

My friend had the banana smoothie and that too was delicious, rich banana taste that was "genuine" haha...not those artificial banana flavours.

Natural banana smoothie

I shared two dishes with my friend. The first dish was the potato, mint and feta pancakes with poached eggs and smoked salmon, sour cream and chives. I think it worked by eating the dish with all the components. The smoked salmon was rather strong in flavour but this was balanced with the perfectly poached eggs and fresh avocado with the different textures of the shredded potato which was still quite firm, wasn't mushy as I expected.

Potato, mint and feta pancake

The second dish we ordered was the corn fritters with avocado, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. I think I enjoyed this dish more, it was more simple in terms of flavours. My friend who is on a quest to find the best hollandaise sauce in perth thought it tasted abit sour, but just very faintly.  To me, hollandaise sauce is just creamy yolky sauce that just makes everything looks delicious ahha.. I had no problem with it. The corn fritter wasn't everyone's thing and I've heard mixed reviews from my really comes down to personal preference, but I did enjoy it.

Corn fritters

The birthday girl ordered the open rye sandwich with smoked salmon, tomato salsa, avocado, capers and a poached egg. Her dish was huge and had a very refreshing taste with the mint and tomatoes. I would enjoy this dish, but as it was rather large, I'd probably get sick of it half way..I'm glad I shared two dishes with my friend.

Open rye sandwich

My other friend had the big breakfast and she said it was standard, nothing special about it. Though it was overall better than the secret garden big breakfast. The eggs was actually cooked properly. She couldn't finish it.

Big Breakfast

Last but not least my other friend had the eggs benedict. She too enjoyed her meal. She had "Beach Bear" as her drink which I thought tasted really good! So refreshing! It was probably better than mine.

Eggs Benedict
Beach Bear (Highly recommended)

Overall, I enjoyed my brunch in Toast, meals were prepared with fresh produce accompanied with excellent service. I'd definetly recommend this place...DO NOT go without ordering a drink from the fresh juice combos.

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